City Rock




Project designed for Music Band as well as festivals, musical presentations, performances, Display Opener. Project can help musicians to express themselves and promote creative collective. Sleek music design and a lots of silhouettes “Music Band” style, is very well fit into your presentation! Excellent 3D Text can be easily modified. City Rock Opener was done to be easily editable and understandable. Remember, with creativity you can achieve a lot.




  • 3 optional resolution ready to render! FULL HD 1080p, 720p, PAL
  • Super easy compositions customization and 3 color presets prepared! (Vintage, Sepia, Dark blue), insert text, change media, colors, sizes and hit render.
  • 9 Media (Photo/videos) placeholders.
  • 8 QuickTime 1080 silhouettes (with Alpha Channel) on the Music Band theme INCLUDED
  • Universalize Script was used
  • Complete helpful instructions + video tutorial [coming soon]
  • Duration – 01:12 minutes long.
  • No plug-in needed.